Homework Break

The boy in action, collecting snails from under a rock.

Bored? Flip Over a Rock

We were getting a little antsy while doing homework, so we took a quick break. We stepped outside and did some exploring right in front of our house.

Teeny-tiny snails



My son flipped over a few rocks. The first rock revealed some teeny tiny snails.

Rock #2 – Ants

The second rock we flipped over was a bit of a shocker. We weren’t expecting to find a lively crowd of ants, citronella ants as it turns out.

Check out our video of the citronella ant discovery.

I did some research and learned that the winged ants are not actually exclusively female. The winged ants are called “reproductives” and can be male or female.

Next time you need a quick break, step outside and see what you can spot in front of your home.

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