Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: In Search of Yellow


It’s been HOT here in Chicago the last few days. Too hot for my liking. But, as luck would have it, my son has discovered Pokémon Go. So, instead of chilling out inside, we’ve been walking around (sweaty and cranky) in this blazing heat throwing Poké Balls at that infamous little yellow creature, Pikachu.

While making the rounds at the local PokéStops, I entertained myself by tallying up other yellow things around us–actual living things, in the real world. Here’s what I found.

Whether your kid is Poké-ing around or not, take a walk around the block and snap photos of yellow flowers, plants, and insects. Can you come up with more than ten?

What’s Hidden in this Picture?

Hiding in the stump

Look close. There’s something (or someone) hiding in this picture. Can you find it? Let us know in comments.

Return of the Cicadas

Cicada up close

Yesterday, as the late afternoon sun started to heat things up, the city chorus made it’s debut 2016 performance. The cicadas are back. “Why are they so loud?” my son asked. Check out Mother Nature’s Chorus – Cicadas in the City! for the answer to that question, plus quick facts, and more about cicadas.