Now in Bloom: Irises

Two purple and lilac irises

Irises are at the top of my list of favorite blooms. We spotted these beauties growing in front of our neighbor’s house.

Five Quick Facts About Irises
1. The name iris comes from the Greek word for “rainbow.”

2. There are more than 200 species of irises.

Iris rhizome


3. Irises grow from rhizomes, thick root-like stalks that creep above ground around the base of the plant.

4. Famous Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh featured irises in several of his more prominent paintings.

5. Irises are perennials, which means they come back every year on their own.

Your Turn

Can you spot some irises in your neighborhood? We’d love to see them. Send a sketch, painting or photo to us at and we’ll post them here.